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All About Me

~All About Me~

Let me introduce myself before I go any further. My name is Sheneil B. Kelley. I won't say my middle name because I really don't think you would care if you knew it anyway. I drive a 99' Honda Accord (brand spankin' new). I listen to a variety of music, but mostly The Eagle, 96.9. My relatives find it strange that I listen to that kind of music. I was brought up by that music, so I guess I just started to like it. I like The Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and ZZ Top, plus a bunch of other bands not mentioned. I like Mexican music too, like Los Lobos. I don't speak Spanish fluently, yet anyway, so I have a hard time trying to figure out what the hell they are actually saying. Some of my favorite movies are ones that Adam Sandler plays in, like The Waterboy, Happy Gilmore (I can relate, it's a frusterating sport), and I also absolutely love the new South Park movie. It's so funny. I don't recommend it for small children though, it's got lot's of naughty language and humor, but that just adds to it. I also liked the Pokemon movie. I know a lot of you probably think that Pokemon is for little kids, but I beg the differ. It's such a cute cartoon, and I can't help but laugh when Jessie and James cross-dress. Gay freaks! I really liked The Sixth Sense, it's kinda scary, but I like scary movies. That about raps it up for movies though. However there are still a lot of good ones I didn't mention.

I use to go to this place called Q-Zar, I don't know if any of you have ever heard of it. It's a laser tag center that was in Arden. It mysteriously shut down, and I haven't been going since. There are other Q-Zar's around here, like Pleasanton, and Citrus Heights, but those are just a tad too far for me to be driving to. Plus not only is it too far, but I am far too busy to be playing anyway. After my business started when Q-Zar shut down, I haven't had much of a social life or any free time.

Most of my time is spent on my PC. Luckily, the government hasn't repossessed it. I hacked into one of the mainframes on one of these really cool sites. The site didn't have very good encryption, so I thought I'd give it a shot, and it actually worked. Although I am proud of my work, I wish to keep the site anonymous. A lot of people think I hack into computers because I want to steal information, but it's simply because I have that thirst for PC knowledge, and I can't help myself but to get a free education by doing so.

In about 9 months I will be out of Sacramento (Thank God), and I will be going to school in Silicon Valley. That's got to be one of the coolest places in California. I can see it now… all the techies will be asking ME for advice. I had to turn down A&M like I said before, it's too bad that they won't be having such a genius like myself.

Now about those Dallas Cowboys… I love 'em! Their record is outstanding compared to the sucky ass 49ers. I hate those bastards!!! My favorite player is Emmitt Smith. I think he's got great skills that no other player could top. I also like the Sacramento Kings. They are doing terrific this year! I am so proud of them. I donated some money I earned from my business and gave it to one of the Kings charity groups. The world would be a better place if there were more people like me. Don't ya think?

I was a very athletic girl in my younger days. I played basketball for about 4 years, volleyball for 3 years, fastpitch softball for 9 years (not to mention making all-stars every year), and I played soccer for only a year. I guess I couldn't handle the running. I wasn't out of shape either, I just had bad ankles. If I were to play soccer now though, my fat fucking ass wouldn't be able to handle it. I'm not really big, but soccer chics are usually pretty well conditioned. I used to be conditioned until I started to eat the wrong foods and sit in front of the TV watching some computer channel. Now off and on (when I have the chance), I play golf with my father. It's a difficult sport to grasp. I stopped exercising and now look what happened, I look like a big blob. However, I can say that I would beat the shit out of any of those girls. I've never got into any fight, just a small tiny one, with a guy. I still have lots of muscle that was developed when I was heavily into sports.

That's really all I've got to say about myself. My life's not terribly exciting, but yet it's not very dull. It's mostly the same thing everyday. My site is really for the nerdy, geeky people like myself. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who has no concept of computers.