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The Geek's Technical Resource

Welcome to The Geek's Technical Resource. This site is pretty new, I just published it. The articles in Diary of a Geek are from this month. I've been so busy lately with this new business of mine. I could honestly say that my business is booming. I guess a lot of people think because I'm young I have to work at places like McDonald's and Taco Bell. I don't think so!! Not only do I design web sites and make business stationary, but one of my all time fave's is to fix broken PC's, and their parts. Most of my relative's think I'm some computer nerd (which I guess I kinda am), but that's okay, right?

Next year, I'm moving to Silicon Valley. The weather's nice, and there are a whole lot of businesses that I'd like to compete with. I'm sure Bill Gates himself, would track me down so I could work for him. But that's NOT going to happen. I'll just have to tell him "Bill, I'm sorry, you may be a zillionaire, but I'm not dumb enough to work for your company. Your people are a bunch of morons, and I know that for a fact because my uncle works for you, and trust me, he doesn't quite have all his marbles!" People like myself are hard to find, it's a wonder why Gates wouldn't want me!

I'm going to Silicon Valley College. I'm going to major in Computer Science. I've got two scholarships. Although, I don't think I'll be needing them. I'm moving in 7 months. My folks are paying for my apartment, and from there I'll be making the payments. I got accepted into A&M University, but I don't want to go there. It's not because of the bonfires either. I just don't think I'd be happy there. I love the Dallas Cowboys, but living in Texas is just out of my league. Anyhow, enough about me, I'm sure your thirst for PC knowledge is in need for some new info! Check out the links below. However if you want to know more about me (but why would you), just click on the "About Me" link below.

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