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Update Page
Update Page

November 21st, 1998: I FINALLY got the pics developed. But ya know, half of them didn't come out right. I think when I dropped the camera I messed up entire camera and the film might of been exposed. But I have them scanned, now it's just a matter of uploading them and getting them on here. There are quite a few of them. I have one roll of film left, so I'm taking it to Q on Tuesday and Thursday. I went to Q today and god damn, there were so many birthday parties that I felt sorry for the marshalls. They had to brief a bunch of newbies every game. That must of sucked, but oh well, maybe they might get paid for extra hard work.... yeah right :)

November 9th, 1998: I fixed the NEW TEAM link and changed it to TEAM MAD CATZ because that's my team's new name. Vannessa and I finally found our new call signs, Alundra, and her's is Katana. Now we are talking about slogans for our name and team. That's the hard part. Come back soon for about 30-40 new pictures. I have to get the film developed tomorrow or tonight. I keep saying I am going to get the film developed but this time I am serious. :)

November 5th, 1998:I added a NEW TEAM Link. Our old team, Team Reckoning isn't around anymore. Vannessa and I are the only ones that ever come around. But since we know who our new team mates are, I'm not going to fret about the old team. This new team of ours has had more practice with each other. I added a graphic to my page if you want to link to it. All you do is save the image, and then do the HTML part of it. If you have any problems, let me know, I can help you out. You can find this image on the links page.