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Tournament Rules of Q-Zar

You must not move in a dangerous manner

Do not climb in the arena

There must be no physical contact

Both hands must be on the gun at all times

If the strap is not over your neck it must be securely wrapped around your wrist NOT the gun.

Do not attempt to move the obstacles

No profanity or swearing

No communications equipment will be allowed (Voices only)

Footwear must be worn at all times

Teams must be ready to play when called. If the full 6 man team is not present at game time, we will do a second call. If they are still not there we will start the countdown clock set at 5 mins. If the full team is not present when the clock reaches 0 exactly, the team will forfeit the game.

The bases must be hit from the inside

Damaging or tampering with the equipment will get you removed from the tournament.

Jumping is allowed straight up only, ( when moving horizontally, you must have one foot on the floor at all times)

You must be in direct route to the closest energizer if not energized

If a marshal feels that you are trying to stall they may give you a warning for it.

No sleeves longer than your elbow (T shirts must be worn)

You must have a minimum of 6 players to compete and a maximum of 8. You can change out players only at the half way point of the game, and the players must be in the briefing room waiting to go in.

No blocking other players. Unless there is an alternative route within 3 paces.

No boxing in. If a player cannot get past you without making physical contact, you are boxing them in.

Marshals decisions are final

2 Warning rule. You are allowed one warning, on the second warning you will be removed from the game and your score will be deducted it it is positive and doubled if negative.

Poor sportsmanship such as threatening other players, intently trying to hurt someone, others or excessive disrespect for the rules or players will result in your being expelled from the tournament