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Q-Zar Tips and Tricks

If you're an advanced player, you realize there are some really neat things you can do in a Q-Zar arena. There is everything from blocking to canceling to bouncing. In this section you will learn how to cancel, how to do 3 different blocks, and also I will talk about bouncing shots and what the contraversy is about it.

Bouncing Shots

Bouncing Shots is common, but still it's a little controversy for a few reasons. One is because it all depends on what arena you play in. Some arena's are brighter than others, meaning they have more flourescent things on walls, barrels, etc. Maybe some players say it's not fair to bounce because of the clothing that they are wearing. If you wear lighter clothing, you are going to be a big target because scientifically: Light is reflected off of bright surfaces while light is absorbed in dark colors such as black, dark blue, etc. That's why white cars attract more light and black cars don't. So hopefully that explains it a little. Maybe some players think bouncing shots is unfair, but sometimes it can come in handy like when someone is on the other side of a wall.

Cancelling Shots

Cancelling shots is something that takes a lot of practice. It took me a day to understand what the heck cancelling even was. But I looked at some nice web sites that really cut it down to the basics of cancelling. I looked at it for awhile and learned how. So what you do is pretty simple, but like I said it takes some practice. While you are going up against someone and they are behind a wall or something, you have to watch that person. Once you think they are going to shoot, you shoot at the EXACT same time and their shot is cancelled. Therefore neither of you shot each other. You must be very precise about this. It takes lots of practice. Even I don't worry about cancelling.

Blocking Styles

Standard Front Cover (Side-Cradle): For right handers: With the pack on and the gun hanging from the strap over your neck, first concentrate on your left hand. It is not as important how your right hand holds the gun as it is for your left. While you get into the cover do not worry about the position of your right hand until the end. Take your left arm and hold it out. Turn your palm up. Now put the bottom of the barrel (just in front of the front handle) in your palm. Push the barrel to the left until the front handle touches the side of your hand. This is the best place to hold the front. With your left hand holding the barrel and the gun facing to the left with the handles facing the ground; relax your wrist, but keep your forearm pointing straight away from you. Using your right hand, pivot the gun, while holding the barrel, so that it points forward. This wil crank your wrist to the right.
At first this will seem uncomfortable, but you will get used to it. You can relax your grip of the your grip of the barrel as needed. Make sure the handles still point to the ground. You will have to put the gun in front of you to do this. Now look at how the side of the gun sits against the side of your left forearm. This contact between the gun and the side of your forearm is very important. Holding the barrel of the gun with your left hand, and the side of the gun pressed firmly against the side of your forearm: point the gun at your right ear-lobe. You will notice that the handles are now pointing to 10 o'clock and somewhat up. Look at the contact of the gun to your left forearm again. If you are going to get tagged through your cover it wil be here. Now with the gun pointing to your ear-lobe bring the whole thing closer to you. There are two surfaces that you must keep tight when covering. The surface where the gun touches your forearm, and the surface where the other side of your left forearm touches the pack. If light shines through those surfaces, you will get tagged.