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Tips from the Crypt

Tips from the Crypt
Your source for info and advice on cryptography
Last Updated 10/26/99

Privacy and security are dying notions. You might say there's never really been such things as privacy and security; after all, history books are riddled with seemingly private matters, a fact which in and of itself demonstrates the elusiveness of true privacy. Be as skeptical as you will, but understand that this so-called Information Age raises the stakes for everyone, even you. If you know you're at risk, or even if you think you aren't, read on below and learn how both users and systems administrators can help protect privacy.

Tips from the Crypt is a four-part revolving series on Computers, Security and Privacy. The information contained in this series will change as the security industry changes, so check back and catch our updated reviews, tech-talk, and more.

The Basics
If you're new to this topic, check out the basics. But don't stop here! The following sections take the foundations laid here and show you what you can do to improve your own privacy and security on and off the 'net.

Electronic Mail
E-mail is the one area of security most often overlooked by administrators and users alike. However, it is potentially the most important. Don't skimp on e-mail security, because you may be sorry one day, and hey, encrypted e-mail is cool. Come in and read our reviews of the key players offering up secure e-mail to the masses.

Data (coming soon)
Data, data, data. This section will deal with the data you typically keep on your computer, how it's (maybe) protected, and how you shouldn't feel to safe with those "password protection" features of popular programs.

Web Security (coming soon)
SSL, eCommerce, Cookies, and what it means to you. You'll wanna read this up before you buy stuff on the web, and before you give a single person your e-mail address.