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5 Rules of Q-Zar

1) NO CLIMBING- The obstacles in the arena aren't meant to be climbed on, they do not support human weight, so don't climb on them. If you do climb on them, you will fall, and everyone will laugh, including me. :)

2)WALK ONLY-No running, hopping, skipping, flying or crawling. Please do not run in the arena, you will knock someone with your phaser, trip and fall, or run into someone and knock them down.

3) NO PHYSICAL CONTACT-Do not touch anyone, or anyone's equiptment even if they like it. If its an accident, say sorry, walk away, and then shoot the person.

4) HOLD HANDSET WITH BOTH HANDSThe handset has two handles, hopefully you have two hands, they don't mind if you have your hands anywhere else on the handset as long as there are two hands on it.

5) HAVE FUN-The last rule of Q-Zar is have fun, if you're not having fun, please go to a Q-Zar representative and they will give you some helpful tips and tricks to improve your game. This is not war, this is Q-Zar.

If anyone has asthma, epilepsy or heart conditions please see them after the brief.