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Q-Zar Picture Gallery

Front of Q-Zar 1
Front of Q-Zar 2
Q-Zar Sign in front
Lobby: T-Shirts
Lobby: Front
Lobby: By party rooms (dark photo)
Lobby: Scoreboard on ceiling
Rules in the briefing room
Lobby: Video Games, and front of Lobby
Q-Zar's Video Games

Employee/Manager- John Kessler

Scorecard 1
Scorecard 2
Scorecard 3
Scorecard 4

Birthday Flyer
Laser School 101 Flyer
Sports Flyer
Annual Membership Flyer

Q-Zar Phaser and Vest
Q-Zar Waiver Card

I have to go to the next Tourney and take pictures of all the teams and players. I will try to get them on here a.s.a.p. The group photos I took on the last open day at Arden Q-Zar did not come out. I was very pissed. But I am taking them to a professional place to see if they can re-develop the negative. Home