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Q-Zar Introduction, Objectives & Basics

Q-Zar, the earth's favorite game, has become a very popular thing. Although there are many different Laser tag companies, Q-Zar is on top of the list. With many convenient locations, there are many to choose from. All varying in different arena styles, and sizes.

The objective to Q-Zar is to score points and for your team to score the most points. There are 2 teams, Red and Green. There can be up to 20 people on each team. There are two Headquarters, one for each team. Your objective is to tag the opposite team's HQ. If you shoot it twice it will go off like an alarm with flashing lights. You are also to tag the opposite team players as much as possible.

There are different places in which you can tag your opponent:
-On the sides of the phaser
-Down the barrel of the phaser
-On the front panel of the vest
-On the back panel of the vest
When you do tag a person, their front and back panels will flash to let you know you hit them. Sometimes if it is a bullseye shot, your phaser will say "Good Shot". If you get 5 good shots in a row, you are supercharged and your gun will say "Good Shot! Well Played", and you get three shots at a time by only pulling the trigger once and you can also deactivate the HQ's.

When you get tagged by another player, your phaser will say "Defense shield, active, active, warning, warning, warning," and this will go on for 6 seconds. During these 6 seconds, you cannot tag anyone unless someone tags you on warning, then thats when the handy dandy reflex comes in.

A reflex is a quick shot after someone tags you. You normally play Energize 6, with a reflex of 1 shot per second. Meaning if someone tags you, you can tag them back before that second is over.