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This is Page 2 . I will have updates on the Cowboys because that is who my page is all about . I will post highlights , injuries or whatever I feel is important to know . On page 3 there is player profiles . Like jersey #'s and positions . It might come in handy someday . Who knows ! So every Monday and Tuesday you should come here if you guys couldn't see the game . I will always post info the following day after the game . If you have any questions or requests for a certain player/team info , just e-mail me from the link below . Thanks !

Sheneil Kelley

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All in a Season's Ending
Dallas at Cincinnati B.

Dallas lost again to one of the not so good teams in the NFL. The score was 31-24. I guess Barry Switzer let all the newbies play this game to see how they would be for next season. I really hope they can make it to the playoffs and hopefully win another Super Bowl next year. The Cowboys season is over now with one game to go against the NY Giants. Even if they win the Giants, there is still no hope for the playoffs. Which is too bad. Troy Aikman threw great in todays game. Emmitt got to play a bit and I guess did fairly well. The Bengals QB, Boomer Esiason, had every throw delivered perfectly. Great QB. Dillon, of the Bengals has now beat the record for rushing yards. He is at 1,069 rushing yards total, and expect more out of him next game. Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders, watched the game from the sidelines hoping their was still hope. While all the rest of the team, sat on the bench and just waited for the game to end. There was way too many interceptions in this game. Better luck next year Cowboys. So how bout them Cowboys?