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SUPERCHARGE-There are several types of games available for play at Q-Zar. Again, the employees decide what the game is. A standard game is called ENERGIZE and is what I decribed earlier. A popular one is called SUPERCHARGE. In this game, you must be what is called "Supercharged" in order to deactivate your opponents headquarters. Being supercharged means that your gun is kind of like a machine gun, shooting automatically three shots in a row for each time you pull the trigger on your phaser. It also makes a strange, high-pitched sound for each shot, so you know who is supercharged. Also, if you are VERY observant, you will notice that someone who is supercharged has more lights than everone else, namely they usually have orange lights lit. To get supercharged, you must shoot FIVE people in a row WITHOUT getting shot in the process. Also, each of the five shots your phaser must say "good shot" in order for the shot to count. There are times when you shoot someone successfully but not get a "good shot". Some phasers are more sensative than others, and they vary as to how often they say good shot or not. Basically, if your gun receives a signal back that you successfully shot someone, then you get a good shot. If you pulled your gun away too quickly or the signal does not get back, then you will not get a good shot. Anyway, if you shoot 4 people in a row with 4 good shots, and someone from the opposite team shoots you, you start over. You have to shoot 5 more people in a row with good shots in order to get supercharged. If you get supercharged, and you get shot, you lose your supercharge, and must start your 5 over again. When you are supercharged, deactivate the HQ as usual. If you are not supercharged, shooting at the HQ has on effect, except maybe getting laughed at by other players. :-) When you successfully shoot 5 people with good shots, your phaser will say something like "A-a-active." . At that point you are supercharged. In a REGULAR (non-supercharge) game, if you shoot 5 people in a row and not get shot, you hear "Good shot. Well played."

SOLO-In a solo game, it's everone for themselves. This means that there are NO teams. It's everyone against everyone. It doesn't matter what color vest/phaser you choose. You can shoot anyone, and can deactivate any headquarter, and can energize at any color energizer. These games are usually only run when there are few people in the games and having teams would be boring or ridiculous (such as 1 vs 2).

ELIMINATOR-The name of this game is all you need to know. You are basically trying to eliminate other players. Before, you could re-energize an unlimited number of times if you ran out of lives. In this game, you start out with a certain number of lives (such as 10). Let's say it's an Eliminator-10 game. This means when the game starts, you have 10 lives. If you get shot, you are down to 9 lives, and must return to the energizer. However, energizing does NOT replenish your lives. You are stuck at 9.Ultimately, if you get shot 9 more times, you are out of the game completely. Download your phaser, and return to the vesting room. However, if you successfully shoot someone and get a "good shot", you GAIN a life. And that's how the game of eliminator goes. Another game is STUN. This game can be fun, but also quite frustrating. In a stun game, this means you have UNLIMITED LIVES. In other words, you NEVER have to return to the energizer. As I said, it can be fun, but I say it is also frustrating, because in a REGULAR game, you are worried about attacking the other team's headquarters for fear that you will lose your lives and have to return to your own colored energizer. This helps because people who are attacking YOUR HQ can be driven away, whereas in a stun game, people just rush in, careless as to whether or not they get shot, because they have unlimited lives and never have to leave. In this game, your gun also makes a differnt sound when you shoot. It sounds similar to supercharge.

BATTLEFIELD-This one is especially difficult, because not only do you have to worry about your opponents, but also about mines. The employees place unused vests in strategic locations all around the arena. They are given a setting, and depending how they are set up, detonate at certain intervals of time. Either randomly, or at a specified rate. You can tell when it is going to detonate because the lights start flashing and it says "warning, warning" then makes a strange sound and shoots in ALL DIRECTIONS. If you are anywhere near the vest when it goes off, you are shot. They can either set these mines to invulnerable, which means they go off regardless of what you do, or to vulerable, which means that when it is about to go off and gives you the "warning", you can zap it and it will not go off for a while. You can do this an unlimited amount of times. These are pretty difficult games, especially if the person who set up the mines knows good places (or bad places for the players!) to place the mines.