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Sheneil's Page
UPDATED October 9th, 1998

My Sucky Page

Right now, this page is under some major construction, but please come back again and I will have this site updated.I really don't know what to put on it. This was my first page, so it's old too.But while I sit and think about what this is going to be about, why dont you go ahead and bookmark it now. :)

My Personal Pages

Brad & Sheneil's Site Our Pre-Wedding Site
Sheneil's Dallas Cowboys Fan Page:Go here for cowboys updates and game time. UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Sheneil's Q-Zar Website:Wanna learn how to play Q-Zar????.....UPDATED DAILY
Sheneil's Web Grafix & Design:Need a Web Designer Fast???
My Dog Amber's pic:She is half pitbull and siberian husky
My dog Bailey:This is him after a bath
Amber and Bailey:This is them playing around with each other
My Cat Sassie's Pic:She is a siamese kitty
Sheneil's Killer Instinct Web:My page dedicated to Killer Instinct for SNES

Other Links

Hotmail Home Page: This is where you can confirm your own e-mail addy for FREE.
Four 11: Looking for someone's e-mail addy , home addy , or phone # ? This is the place to go.
Amazon the Largest Bookstore : Name a book by author or subject and you will find it here!
IconBazaar: A site that let's you download images , animated images and lots more.
Tripod's Home page: Another great place where I created my first home page for FREE.