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My Other Sites

My Dallas Cowboys Page - This page hasn't been updated in a long while, but if you're a Cowboys fan, like myself, than it'll be worth it. And if you don't like the Cowboys, than you can kiss my royal Mexican, Japanese, and Irish ass! :)

Bailey and Amber's Web Site - This site is dedicated to two of my best friends. I just adore animals. I think that anyone that hurts an animal ought to pay the price, either in jail or by paying a big fine. Animals are living things, just like you and I (well hopefully you're living because if you're not, then you're sure scaring the hell outta me! I would feel more sorry for an animal that got ran over than the human that got ran over.

The Ultimate Q-Zar Web Site - One of my FAVORITE hobbies can be found at this link here to the left. This WAS my second home till I was informed that they'd be shutting down for good. It was very sad and so very depressing. I guess I should just forget about going ever again. It's nearly impossible to play again, my business keeps me WAY too busy anyway!

My Christmas Page - I originally made this site for my little brother about 2 years ago. I was extremely bored one morning, and I just threw a Christmas page together within about an hour. This page is a story type of web site. Just follow the links to procede to the next page.

I use to have about 10 other web sites. I took 'em down because they were pretty much worthless.